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Design Team Operations in 2021

As the COVID pandemic was slowing down, Kiwi.com prepared for B2C market growth. The company was getting ready to double the number of product teams and build a more prominent global footprint. As the design department matured, we needed to increase its size and prepare effective operations with a strong culture. Increase the number of people who can operate across Europe while keeping aligned to our core values. My leadership focus during the year tilted towards team operations. I focused on org structures, hiring, goal establishing, and setting collaboration across departments.

A team picture with a bear statue. Everyone smiling and waving.
Kiwi.com Design team offsite at Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. (Fall 2021)

The Highlights

Scaling Operations of a design department in 2021

Formed 5 design hubs across Europe.

Held 5 internships resulting in 3 full-time team members.

Released the MVP of our team website.

Started company knowledge sharing with other design teams, including N26, Alza, Google, Algolia, LMC.

Piloted a new way of working in an agile environment.

Researchers produced 75 reports and 196 insights. We started testing the experience across the world by making field trips.

Streamlined our Figma workspace with our main flow framework.

Started mapping our customer journey & create modular personas.

The Figma deck

Meet Design at Kiwi.com

As a big part of scaling was pitching us to new people, I created a slide deck explaining our operations and culture.