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Global Travel Jam

Currently preparing the 2022 edition...

Global Travel Jam 2022 is coming soon. Follow @designkiwicom on Instagram to be the first to see the announcements.

A group of 30 people making funny faces.
The event attendees, organizers and mentors in Bratislava 2019

I’m an avid networker. I’ve learned the most in my career from other professionals. In 2018, we came up with an idea to organize the first UX Hackathon. Over the years, these events enabled me to give back to the community. The goal of the multi-day event has always been to have fun. We have a great culture and attitude on our Kiwi.com design team, and this event is a chance for others to experience it. It was as if they were naturally members of an international group of designers. Everyone jamming on solving a design challenge in 2-3 days. I have to thank Kiwi.com for its never-ending support in financing these events.

The Name

From Hackathon to Jam

Historical overview of the 4 different logos of Global Travel Jam.

We tested different names for this event until we landed on the one which sums up the idea of the event perfectly – Global Travel Jam.

Global - an event that encourages people to join from anywhere. During the pandemic, we made the event in multiple locations remotely. Giving it a truly global feel.

Travel - it is the industry we know the best, and therefore our challenge is always solving a particular travel problem.

Jam - it is all about collaborating and building something great together. Teams are constructed purposefully out of people with different skillsets. Together we encourage everyone to bring different perspectives.

The team

Empowering others to create a design event to remember

Over the years, many people have contributed to create this event. It is impossible to name all the amazing mentors, facilitators, and organizers who created the atmosphere & quality that Global Travel Jam reflects today.
I still want to take this paragraph to mention a couple of key people who helped me significantly.
In 2018, the executive sponsorship from David Tuc enabled the first edition. In 2019 my former classmate from Amsterdam University, Jardi Kroes, co-led the org team bringing his vast experience from other hackathons. In 2020 as the pandemic hit the company, I had to fully focus on our team’s internal operations. Michaela Stetiarova & Tim Dekker were able to step in, and their proactivity resulted in Service Jam in Prague. Michaela continued with her involvement in 2021 when we organized the first edition, which was in person and remote at the same time. The event took on a “Global” aspect. Miro Cavar, who was in charge of the branding of the 2021 edition, was kind enough to jump on the offer to lead the organization team of the 2022 Global Travel Jam. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we come up with this year.

Photos of people working together in front of whiteboards.


Bits and pieces around the internet

Attendees of the event sitting on a big green furniture.A working group discussing. Papers thrown around.A photo of people in a working place divided into working groups.A working group having breakfast together.Zoom meeting screenshot with multiple people in different locations.